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Creation Dance Festival Biennale di Venezia 2017  

Premiere 28th June | Teatro Piccolo

The title of the piece is a traditional saying which comes from the culture of Castilla-La Mancha , a region of Spain. This kind of language becomes the popular education, which transmits generation after generation a hint, a suggestion, which wait an interpretation from the listener. In this case, the saying say "a branch green, doesn't boil in a casserole".

Direction and Choreography: Joaquín Collado
Dramaturgy: Nicolás Jongen
Performers: Kalin Morrow, Carolina Amares, Wang Po Nien, Francesco Bax, Charlie Prince, Elisabetta Violante, Emanuela Biazzi.  
Costume design: Joaquín Collado
Rehearsal assistant: Beatrice
Lighting design: Joaquín Collado
Sound design: Joaquín Collado

With the support of: La biennale di Venezia danza 2017

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