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I can swim like the others

only I have a better memory

than the others. I have not

forgotten my former inability

to swim. But since I have not

forgotten it my ability to swim

is of no avail and I cannot

swim after all.

F. Kafka , Parables and Paradoxes

How does the surrounding, living world mould and modify our bodies and how can we talk about that?


Nereo drowning turn the body into a liquid mass of flesh, rolling and unfolding on the floor; an exploration into the materiality of the new bodily perception on a alienated contemporary society. The piece attempt against a body as a unique cultural and social construction exposing certain symptoms of repression, and for turning against itself the mechanisms of alienation it produces. What are the survival possibilities? or what is his capacity resistance?. 

This project about the fish out of water has been ramificied is three parts: Nereo drowning - 15 minutes solo piece, Nereidas -15 minutes duet piece and Nereo drowning (and the Nereidas) - 50 minutes group piece.

Performed, choreographed and directed: Joaquín Collado

Dramaturgy: Nicolás Jongen

Costume design: Estela Miguel

Lighting and sound design: Ximo Rojo

With the support of: Escuela de dansa El Magatzem, Teatre El Musical, Government of Valence

Guest performances: