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Nereus and the Nereids (drowning)

Premiere 20 de January 2018 | The Musical Theater

As happens in every pilgrimage in search of what saves, it is absurd to want to find the reason, not even a logic, for a type of hope that throws itself on an invisible path, always postponed, always unattainable: like a believer, one moves blindly along the inscrutable paths of faith, thus K. yearns to reach, even groping, the symbolic place where hope could be satiated”.

Franz Kafka, the castle

Address:Joaquin Collado

Dramatic help:Oriol Lopez and Nico Jongen

Interpreters:Inés Belda, Martina Rocosa, Santiago Martinez & Joaquín Collado

Locker room:stela miguel

Light design:Ximo Red

With the support of: Ayuntamiento de Valencia, Teatre El Musical, Botanic Espai de dansa and A Contar Mentiras.

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