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In Nereidas we become witnesses of a tragedy: some bodies try to resist, to survive in the middle of a world where they have no place. Clumsy, disjointed, they try to overcome the sad contemporary condition of being alienated, unarmed, of being like a fish out of water.


This project about the fish out of water has been ramificied is three parts: Nereo drowning15 minutes solo piece, Nereidas -15 minutes duet piece and Nereo drowning (and the Nereidas) - 50 minutes group piece.

Choreographed and directed: Joaquín Collado

Performed: Martina Rocosa e Inés Belda/Diana Grytsailo

Dramaturgy: Nicolás Jongen

Costume design: Estela Miguel

Lighting and sound design: Ximo Rojo

With the support of: Escuela de dansa El Magatzem, Teatre El Musical, Government of Valence, Espaï Garcia Lorca (Brussels)