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the cave sleeps

(with that rock on top)

InThe cave sleeps (with that rock on top)We raised the idea of inheritance proposing to 4 women between 65 and 85 years old to take the reins of the piece. ANDhe show features performers from the socio-cultural fabric of Valencia.​

In a fragment of The Demons, by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the reader is told: Life is pain, life is terror and man loves life because he loves pain and terror, and therein lies all the deception. Now man is not yet what he will be. There will be a new man, happy and proud. To that man it will be the same to live as not to live; that will be the new man. He who conquers pain and terror will therefore be God. And the other God will cease to be.


InThe cave sleeps (With that rock on top)a new beginning shines on a ship where a handful of older women have gathered. They are tired of waiting, and that prevents their fight from becoming meaningless. This is no longer the time to return home, search for your roots, find Eden again. These places no longer exist and therefore need to be realistically rediscovered through what is available. Now it's time to consider what is to come or what remains to be lived.


On stage, this small community of women will return to the starting point, rethinking the word “RECREO” in a constant scenic game, through legends, memories, gestures, dance, laws and sports games. Returning to the cave, to the womb to, from there, catapult into the inexplicable and unknown. Because recreation means "return to" create and believe, rebuild and overcome. This is not a place of waiting, but a place of confrontation, as is the theater in equal measure.

Address:Joaquin Collado and Nico Jongen

Choreography: Joaquin Collado

Dramaturgy:Nico Jongen

Authorship:Joaquin Collado and Nico Jongen

Interpreters:Pilar Ten Muñoz, Caridad Ojeda Rivera, Maribel Belloch, María Isabel Fernández Moreno.

Scenery and costumes:Joaquin Collado and Nico Jongen

Production:Francina Espuney

Thanks:Oriol López, Fractals (Yolanda Catalán, Natalia Coleto, Andrea Pont, Alba López), Albert Ventura, Carmen Triñanes and Ximo Rojo.


Collaboration betweenantes Collado and Ça marche, with the support of Espacio Inestable and Rambleta, and the Department of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

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