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Russafa Escénica 2015

Inspired by the text of Yerma by Federico García Lorca.

It suggests the febrile imaginary of a woman who is delirious by the yearning and the impossibility of not having what the body desire.


I can only say yes, my child.

I’ll be broken and torn for you.

What a grief it is to me now,

your first cradle, this womb!

When, my child, will you come?


Why am I dry?

Withered, withered and dry.

Why am I empty?
No, not empty, because I'm filling with hate.


Choreography and direction: Joaquín Collado

Dramaturgy: Nicolás Jongen

Performers: Irene Ballester, Paula Romero e Isabel Abril

Costume design: Joaquín Collado

Lighting and sound design: Joaquín Collado

With the support of: A contar Mentiras, Botanic Espai de dansa, Russafa Escénica 2015 and Teatro Círculo.