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WithChrysalis (installation)we wanted to explore the relationship between nature and man, and the eternal (Western) question of the nature of man. We asked ourselves: How should the exhibition be? For this, during the creation process, two clear questions were generated that structured the piece, one of them would be the phantasmatic character of the body and the other, the limitrophe and border condition of the body-space.


Regarding the first question, the piece makes an attempt to unravel the meaning of the experience of the dancer's body, uncovering a (its) history of representation, that is, projecting the body against the background of its ghosts, its shadows, its multiple others. bodies that exist in the sphere of the imaginary and the symbolic. These specters that attend the dancer's body are translated into the piece through figures and postures that are glimpsed and emerge at given moments of the piece, to metamorphose into others. In Crisálida we work elastically with recognizable images of humanity to expand and blur the contours of those images, and to be able to welcome inhabitable forms of existence that are yet to come.


On the question of the border condition, we were interested in configuring a space that outlined by itself its being and its knowledge of being an inhabitant of the border. The terrarium marks that pure limit, pure frontier between the interior and the exterior of a poetized space, and there, before us but also in us, the body appears as an extension of that bordering landscape, a pure and fragile line supported by itself. The following question arose, which is related to the first question: what is revealed, as an exposed foundation, of the essence of the terrarium? Thus appears the relationship of the dancer's body with the jouissance of the voyeur (spectator), who leaves in his interpretation to name those spectra that he desires and wants to see.

Project supported by the 2019 production grants from the Institut Valencià de Cultura and the residences Paraíso & Colectivo RPM. 


Premiered on October 5, 2019, within the framework of Nuit blanche Bruxelles 2019. 

artistic sheet



Direction and choreography:  Before Collado

Interpretation: Martina Rocosa, Tatin Revenga and Before Collado

Dramaturgy assistant: Oriol López

External help in rehearsals: Nico Jongen and Cruz Hernández 

Scenography: Carmen Triñanes

Figuration: Pau Aulí

Technical coordinator: Michal Budzinski

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