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I live a living death.


Faced with an existence without vigor, over and over again my feet are mobilized to face the disaster. My body, baggy, cadaverous, quickly gets excited and shakes, spins, dances! dance! He dances his pathetic and clumsy dance. To the rhythm of polka I dance and welcome the disaster.


My worms will keep dancing.


Project in process of creation.


This first sketch has been selected by the Open Air Network to show the work at the Olot Seismògraf Festival, the Zaragoza Trayectos Festival and the Figueres Es Mou Festival. 

artistic sheet



Direction and choreography: Joaquín Collado

Interpretation: Martina Rocosa, Diana Grytsailo and Joaquín Collado

Dramaturgy assistant: Oriol López

Technical coordinator: Michal Budzinski

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